Yescarta in 2L DLBCL

YESCARTA® is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and high-grade B-cell lymphoma (HGBL) that relapses within 12 months from completion of, or is refractory to, first-line chemoimmunotherapy.¹ 



YESCARTA® for the treatment of 2L DLBCL

Yescarta was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the treatment of 2L R/R DLBCL in November 2022.

Yescarta is, as of January 2024, recommended by the NT-rådet for use in 2L R/R Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) as per the label.2 The recommendation from NT-rådet reads:

“NT-rådet rekommenderar Yescarta® för behandling av vuxna patienter med DLBCL och höggradigt B-cellslymfom (HGBL) som återfaller inom 12 månader efter avslutad, eller är refraktära mot, behandling med kemoimmunoterapi i första linjen.”2

The efficacy and safety of Yescarta® in 2L DLBCL

The efficacy and safety of Yescarta in adult patients with r/r DLBCL was demonstrated in a Phase 3 randomised, open-label, multicenter study (ZUMA-7). ZUMA-7 is the largest Phase 3 CAR T trial for 2L DLBCL (N=359) with the longest follow-up period to date (24.9-month median follow-up). A total of 180 patients were randomly assigned to receive Yescarta and 179 to receive Standard of Care (SOCT defined as investigator-selected chemoimmunotherapy, with the intention to proceed to high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem-cell transplantation). The primary endpoint was event-free survival (EFS) as determined by blinded central review.1,3

Primary efficacy endpoint: YESCARTA demonstrated significant improvement in EFS vs SOCT

More than double the number of patients treated with YESCARTA remain event free at 2 years compared with SOCT.1,2

ZUMA-7 primary efficacy endpoint results. Picture adapted from Locke et al. 2022²

ZUMA-7: ORR and mPFS vs SOCT

ORR was significantly higher with YESCARTA® vs SOCT (83% vs 50%; P<0.001), with a complete response seen in 65% and 32% of patients, respectively.1,3

Median PFS was four times higher in YESCARTA® patients vs SOCT (14,7 months vs 3,7 months).1,3

Significantly improved Overall Survival (OS)

Yescarta® is the only CAR T to demonstrate superior OS in 2L DLBCL R/R ≤12 months vs Standard of Care therapy (SOCT, defined as salvage chemotherapy +/-  high dose chemotherapy and Autologous Stem Cell Transplant, ASCT) in the curative setting3 

  • 55% of patients were alive at 4 years with Yescarta® vs 46% with SOCT, despite that 57% of control patients received rescue therapy with 3L cellular immunotherapy1,3 
  • Risk of death was reduced by 27% at 4 years vs SOCT3,a 
  • Overall survival benefit was similar across key patient subgroups3 
  • The safety profile of Yescarta® remained consistent with prior studies1,3 

Figur skapad av Gilead baserat på Westin et al. NEJM (2023)

Safety profile of YESCARTA® in 2L DLBCL

Safety data for Yescarta in 2L DLBCL is consistent with previous 3L DLBCL trial results (ZUMA-1).1,3
Safety data from ZUMA-7 reflects exposure to Yescarta in a Phase 3 study for 170 patients.

The most significant and frequently occurring adverse reactions were CRS (92%), encephalopathy (49%), and infections (45%).
Serious adverse reactions occurred in 54% of patients. The most common (≥5%) serious adverse reactions included CRS (17%), encephalopathy (16%), unspecified pathogen infections (8%), fever (6%) and viral infection (5%).1,3

Please see the summary of product characteristics for full information on the safety profile of YESCARTA®.1



a Hazard ratio [HR] 0.73; 95 % CI: 0.540.98, stratified two-sided log-rank, P-value = 0.03.3 


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